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Welcome to Central Elementary School!  I am looking forward to a safe and healthy school year.

Here are key points from the nurse for our Central Elementary Families:

  •     Please complete an Emergency Health Form each school year for your child. These are sent home with students in the beginning of the year and need to be returned with a parent signature.
  •     Please keep me updated if your child has a health condition or needs to take medication at school. This includes keeping emergency medication in the nurse’s office for conditions like asthma or food allergies.  Remember, prescription medication needs to be brought to school by a responsible adult and must be in the pharmacy labeled container.
  •     The State of Delaware requires that each newly enrolled student have a physical examination completed within the last two years. A TB screening and complete immunization record are also required in order to attend school.
  •     Good attendance is important for your child’s education. However, if they are sick, please keep them home and send in an excuse note.  This can be a parent written note or a medical note if they were seen by a health care provider for an illness or injury.

 Feel free to contact me by phone or email if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s health or the necessary health requirements for school.  Together, we can help keep your child healthy, safe and ready to learn.


School Nurse: Mrs. Amy Metzner BSN, RN

629-4587 ext. 4575

 [email protected]