SHS Class of 2020 Spring Athletes

We have four senior baseball players to recognize:

Aaron Burtelle- “Being a Blue Jay athlete has been an honor. We had to face adversity a lot as we didn’t always have the best team, but we found ways to come together and compete with good teams. I have made lots of memories being a Blue Jay Athlete that will last me a lifetime.”

Zak Jackson- “Being a Blue Jay Athlete meant pride and honor. It was always great to put on that uniform and go out and say I’m a Seaford Blue Jay. I was always told being an athlete goes beyond the field and the 4 walls of the school and that it is about becoming a better person.”

Matt Knisley- “Being a Blue Jay Athlete made me feel like I meant something, like I was important. I was lucky enough to be called a Blue Jay.”

Dylan Nibblett- “ I have always taken pride in being a Blue Jay, playing for my hometown, and doing my best to keep the winning tradition from the great Seaford teams of the past. Although winning was not always predominant, I was lucky enough to have great coaches who reminded me that it is bigger than baseball and to always be a better man off the field. I will forever be proud to be a Blue Jay.”