Comcast Wireless Within the Community

We have heard a number of things about the wireless within the community and the area to provide Internet access for our youth to participate in the educational opportunities.

We have a lot of students that may not have WiFi Internet at their homes, and we have provided information that Comcast is helping the country and families in our area with free high speed Internet.

This service information can be found here:

This includes instructions on how to connect and some sample screens showing this…

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is this service located?

Comcast has a great mapping tool that covers this available at this website:


Do the Schools have Internet in the Parking Lots?

The answer to that is yes… If you have a Seaford School District Owned device, it will automatically connect to the Seaford WiFi services when in close proximity to the buildings. The other bonus is that Comcast also has coverage in each of the parking lots of our facilities.


Why do I get  "kicked off" after an hour of use?

The service being provided is free – it may see the device as inactive and you may have to go through the connection process again – or verify that you are connected to the correct wireless network. If you are having a problem with this please refer to the following website for further assistance:


How do I call Comcast for Support?

The number for them is 1-800-266-2278


Another topic that we have heard a lot about is the Comcast Program for Providing Internet Connectivity to Low-Income households.

Information on this program can be found here:


Internet Essentials is a program for families and other low-income households who currently do not subscribe to Internet at home. Xfinity Internet customers are not eligible for Internet Essentials. This program has eligibility requirements and the individuals must go through the application process.

Full requirement information can be found here:

The Internet Essentials program has a different number for assistance – it is:  1-855-846-8376